The birth of Flos Hotel: a dream come true

Where our idea of hospitality takes shape

We fell in love with Flos Hotel at first sight, on a cold day in what now seems like a distant 2021, when it was still called Hotel Valsorda. Its beauty immediately won us over. We decided to give a new name to our adventure, and thus Flos Hotel was born. “Flos“, which means “flower” in Latin, is a tribute to the wonderful flowering meadows that surround the complex. Furthermore, it also recalls the concept of “flow” or “river”, linked to the nearby Avisio stream.

We have combined all this with the “Your gateway to nature” ideology. This expression reflects both the hotel’s location, immersed in nature and surrounded by meadows and woods, and its function as a starting point for exploring the Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme Dolomites. It’s the ideal place to begin exciting hikes and outdoor adventures.

Our team, your new family on holiday

Our mission is to take care of the guests to whom we always strive to say yes and provide anything they need.

Locked in her palace, Vanessa lovingly slices, cooks, kneads and seasons her dishes which she then serves you for dinner and breakfast. Meanwhile, Emili writes an email, registers a document and answers a phone call. And then? Then there are Orietta and Filippo who juggle the cleaning, room service and maintenance but also Francesco, Laura and all our young collaborators who put their heart into their work!

Welcome to Flos Hotel, welcome home!